The stories around air sports are often difficult to tell – so much of what we do happens ‘up there’, out of reach of cameras and audience. However, new technology has finally caught up with our sports, allowing us to broadcast and share the true nature of our sports to a mass audience.

Action-sport cameras on a glider’s wingtip, point-of-view video from the pilot in an aerobatics cockpit, online live tracking during paragliding competitions, live interviews streamed directly over social media as soon as the pilot or parachutist has touched down. These tools and more are helping us to reach more people than ever.

From traditional broadcast media to the phone in your hand, multi-platform digital media is helping to bring the excitement and joy of air sports alive and reaching millions around the globe.


In 2016, the FAI and the Olympic Channel signed an agreement to collaborate on content for the Olympic Channel. The Olympic Channel is a global platform where fans can experience the power of sport and the excitement of the Olympic Games all year round.

The FAI joins 39 other International Federations and IOC Recognised Sports Federations that have announced similar agreements with the Olympic Channel in 2016.