The aim of the Rookie project is to introduce children to the world of air sports, aviation, technology and science.


The Rookie project provides teachers and air sports organisations with all the tools and information to organise a workshop suitable for children aged 8 and over.

Online competition

The Rookie project also includes an online competition in which children can fly ANY model that fits competition rules. The competition is open to children of any age up to 16. Children must be able to launch the their aircraft unaided by an adult. To make the competition as fair as possible you could choose the rookie kit, but any model that fits the online competition rules is allowed.


At the end of every year the top three will recieve a gift from and a certificate.
Also the Champion of each year will get her or his name mentioned in the Rookie hall of fame.

It's all about the fun, especially for kids that want to get in aviation in a fun and easy-going way. There is no minimum age restriction to participate; as long as he or she launches the model him or herself, it is a flight that is valid when timed by a adult.

"I wish you all lots of fun!''
Vincent Merlijn

"I'm very happy and I feel honoured to present our Rookie project. The project will give a good platform for schools, clubs etc. to start building and flying model planes. In the project we especially aim to attract our younger pilots, to get them active in flying and also to let them understand there is a worldwide organisation for all kinds of flying: FAI. Who knows what a very young pilot will fly in the future? The main person behind the project is Vincent Merlijn but the whole CIAM Education S/C has been involved in the work. I'm proud now to see the launching of our project and I hope we reach our goal with more young active pilots all over the world."
- Per Findahl, CIAM Education SubCommittee Chairman

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