23 Dec 2020

Smartflyer aircraft awarded the InnoPrix SoBa 2020

On 23 November 2020, smartflyer Ltd. received the InnoPrix of the Swiss “Baloise Bank SoBa Solothurn” for the development of its innovative aircraft project.

The award ceremony was broadcast live on radio and TV from a hangar at Grenchen Airport (SUI).

Flights up to 750km will soon become reality

Smartflyer Ltd. is not only known for its European electrifly-In (originally smartflyerchallenge) but also for its ground-breaking aircraft - the smartflyer SFX1, a four-seated hybrid-electric aircraft which emits less CO2, is up to 30% more efficient, has lower noise emissions and less operating costs. A range extender drives a generator charging the batteries. Flights with a range up to 750km will soon be in reach.

This aircraft has already garnered a lot of international attention. The first flight of smartflyer SFX1 is planned for 2023.

Innovative projects

Innovative projects and ideas for more ecological and sustainable aviation are of great importance today. Therefore, the FAI Amateur-Built and Experimental Aircraft Commission (CIACA) is looking for similar projects like smartflyer, which are covering our targets; new technologies, new power sources, sustainability & ecology, to support and honour the innovators with awards. There are a lot of good achievements, which should be awarded. FAI CIACA is curiously waiting to hear from and present new projects.

CIACA President Alfons Hubmann said: "We congratulate smartflyer Ltd. for their success and are still looking forward to further positive news."