Regional Vice-Presidents

The establishment of the FAI Regional Management Structure (RMS) is part of the FAI Strategic Plan, originally presented at the FAI General Conference in Dublin (2010). After extensive consultation with various stakeholders and subsequent modifications, the concept was endorsed at the 105th FAI General Conference in Belgrade (2011).

The objectives of establishing this structure are as follows:

  • Increase the management resources of FAI and provide the Executive Board with a tool for effective regional presence and a mechanism to promote air sports in a particular region
  • Establish/improve international and regional representation
  • Improve the service to and communication with the NACs in the region
  • Facilitate promotion and recruitment to FAI, also for countries not presently represented in FAI
  • As/if requested, assist the Air Sports Commissions in matters pertaining to the applicable region

The respective Regional Vice President (RVP) are appointed by the Executive Board (EB) from the candidates nominated by the NACs in the applicable region and considered part of the FAI executive management and report to the Executive Board. The RMS has started with two regions, namely East & South Asia and South America. It will be expanded as needs arise in the other regions.

They function according to the Duties and Responsibilities mentionned in the RMS Guidelines and report to the EB according to a specified format and at defined dates as documented in the RMS Guidelines. The Annual RVP Report for each region implemented will be available at the General Conference.

The FAI Regional Management Structure is a structure ensuring standardized operation of a number of individual FAI Regional Vice Presidents functioning according to the defined Duties and Responsibilities appearing in the RMS Guidelines. Effective implementation of the FAI Regional Vice President (RVP) function will result in a much needed vitalization of the FAI management structure, especially in the area of NAC communication/interaction, regional/international representation and the promotion of FAI, inside and outside of the FAI.

For Middle East and North Africa: Mr. Ayed Alkasme ALDHAFIRI (email)